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Customer-centered product and service innovation

Direct Perception offers the expertise and design research tools
to give you a direct view of the customers for your interactive
product or service. What should you build to meet their needs? 
How should you position your message? What don't you need to offer?

The outcome for your customers is a direct view of you. Your
product or service will be useful, clear, on-message and easy to
For example...

  • How do customers currently experience their touch-points with you?

  • How should your web site evolve to meet customer needs?

  • What information is critical for your web-based CRM system?

  • Will employees be able to use that PDA in place of their laptops?

  • How many customers will be unable to complete the transaction
    using your new interactive voice-response system?

  • Will users be able to register for and use your new security system?

  • What features will customers demand from your new web site?

Benefits to you include lower development costs, higher
retention/conversion rates, lower training costs, lower support
costs, more targeted messaging, higher customer and end-user

Our objective is to provide your customers with a seat at the
design table. There are three critical points where customer input
will determine the success of your new product or service:

-During conception, when features are being determined

-During design, when ease and clarity of use are being determined

-After deployment, when customer feedback can be used to
improve concept or design

We provide the expertise to ensure that you get it right the first
time by using a variety of techniques to suite your budget and
schedule. These techniques range from expert reviews to 
multi-city user research in a national network of test facilities.

We can also assess your current development processes and
recommend changes to instill a customer-centric methodology.

Take some time to educate yourself about the importance of
customer-centered design. Your competitors already get it...

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