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Adding the Customer's Voice

Our methodology offers three points of impact that will mesh with your
product/service development process. Our methodology may be used
as an end-to-end customer-centered development process or piecemeal
to add the customer's voice to where YOU are in design development.




Your stage:    
Strategy Definition Design Build Post-deployment
Our contribution:    
Customer definition Usability Success metrics
Customer goals Information architecture Usability
Customer requirements Interaction design Customer goal attainment
Customer expectations Brand impact Competitive benchmarking
Customer attitudes Clarity Brand success
Feature definition   Recommendations
Reaching business goals    
Sample tools:    
Ethnographic research One-on-one usability testing One-on-one success measurement
Contextual inquiry Heuristic review Interviews
Focus groups High fidelity prototyping Performance metrics
Surveys Low fidelity prototyping Large sample research
Product/service definition Development requirements Improved definition or optimized designs



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